Our Secret is our consultation and assessment, making sure we understand your goal. Our thorough consultation ensures we meet your every need whilst also offering our professional advice. We aim to guide you throughout the entire process to help you understand the How? and the Why? As well as how to maintain your look at home.

We specialise in Cutting, Colouring, Styling, Upstyling,  Keratin Smoothing, and Colour Correction.


At Anton Steele Hair, precision cutting is the order of the day. We truly believe in having a thorough consultation with every client, every time, before we begin, this allows us to establish the needs and wants of each of our clients.

We believe that each client is different and we will cut the hair to not only suit the client’s hair type and hair regime, but also, and most importantly, to suit the face shape and bone structure. This allows the hair, as it grows, to keep its perfect shape and manageability.

Style Cutting by Anton and Blair Salon

Colouring work by Anton and Blair Salon


At Anton Steele Hair you can rest assured that with our trophy-winning stylists your colour needs will be met.

Using Matrix So Color and Color Sync colouring system gives us the ability to offer you great results with safety and comfort. Containing multiple conditioners and moisturizers allows this colour to give you long lasting results with vibrancy and shine.

Whether it be keeping on top of the latest trends or some subtle hint of colour, we have you covered.

Julia is our Colour expert, having just completed her Matrix Colour Mastery, which is the pinnacle of Matrix Colour Education.


Corey is our resident styling expert. He has a wealth of knowledge and experiance in the world of Up Styling, Formal Hair and of course Wedding Hair. He has also worked on Fashion photo shoots and is active on the competition scene.

He is across all aspects of styling from Traditional to Avant Garde.

Hair Extensions by Anton and Blair Salon